Friday, 30 January 2015

MIRROR at the LEVEL Gallery

Have just completed the installation of MIRROR [s] at the LEVEL Gallery, Derbyshire, UK. MIRRORS comprises three interactive screens programmed to react as people pass. Each screen is located in the corridor and has an optical camera which is used as a motion sensor as well as a image capture device. This work forms a part of the Inter-ACT + Re-ACT programme at the LEVEL Centre and has been commisioned as a part of my role as Atist in Residence. Images from the screens below.

MIRRORS- Information
Inter-ACT + Re-ACT Project [2015].

MIRRORS comprises two interactive screens (Mirror I + Mirror II). They have been created at LEVEL to provide an informal means of engagement with digital art and opportunities to respond and change the images through physical interaction as people journey through the Centre. Both screens are located in the corridor and use cameras to create a strange mirror – reflecting a digitally altered image onto the screen. The camera also acts as a sensor, providing an opportunity for people to manipulate the images seen on the screen through movement.

MIRROR I is located at the end of the corridor and uses a delay in the image to create a time warp. Images seen on the screen only appear after a 40 second interval, meaning that you only see what you have done in the recent past.

MIRROR II is more complicated. Located in the centre of the corridor it comprises 10 individual programmes each providing a different means of interaction. Each programme plays for 60 seconds and then moves sequentially through each one. Sometimes you may appear to be walking on the ceiling and at other times your movement may control the image on the screen. 

This project also incorporates a research element. By providing a variety of interactive possibilities we hope to be able to observe peoples’ motivation, reaction and willingness to engage in an informal, (non led) interactive creative process. We would like to gather more information to help inform and guide our future work. For example: Which programmes work well and how? Do people spontaneously interact with the screens? How best can we develop these in the future? How can people creatively contribute to the future development of interactive art?

Inter-ACT + Re-ACT is a new interactive programme of exhibitions, installations and research at the LEVEL Centre. Over a twelve month period we will create and develop new art work & tools for people to interact with and react to using computer based digital media and simple, intuitive interfaces. Using movement, touch & sound, visitors to the LEVEL Centre will be able to play intuitively to manipulate digital images, audio & video and perform within stimulating interactive installations/sensory environments. Re-ACT + Inter-ACT will also provide opportunities for people to create their own creative works and integrate them within future installations and exhibitions.  

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