Thursday, 27 November 2014

SUB Installation at Manchester Met University

The 2008 version of the live video performance entitled SUB, was installed at Manchester Metropolitan University for a day during October 2014. SUB was used to demonstrate the potential of a mobile gallery/installation space within future projects, festivals and events connected to the University [For more info about SUB - see below].

The Mobile Gallery takes the form of a large lorry which deploys to create a 25ft x 25ft space. The space can be completely dark and has programmable LED lighting, video projector points, camera points and flexible points for audio (in and out). It also has disabled access and heating for winter months.

The lorry is a resource owned and managed by the LEVEL Centre and as Artist in Residence I am in the process of developing new projects, performances and installations that will make use of this unique space. 

Image above: The LEVEL Mobile Gallery ready to move. The lorry is 7.5 tons and therefore is possible to drive with a normal license.
The event at Manchester provided the opportunity for promoters, academics and researchers to view the space and experience a small scale audio/visual installation (SUB). The next stage is to plan some pilot projects, performances and installations which will make use of the space. 


Image: Video Stills from a SUB Performance.
SUB was created in 2006/7 as a live audio visual performance using two screens and stereo sound played using a audio visual sampler. It has been performed at various festivals and featured as a live installation at Gallery X. The performance uses a series of images and video clips that follow a rough narrative provided by the act of being submerged under water. It plays with both the reality and the metaphorical  concept of ‘being under’.. Within this context images explore and relate to desire, fear, confusion and an almost tranquil state of acceptance. A stream of unconsciousness.

SUB was not conceived within a strict narrative format, instead it provided a body of material which could be manipulated, restructured and developed through live improvisation. The material was divided into loose sections each dealing with an idea together with bridging material to link them together.

It is no longer available as a live performance but as a full recording of a live event in Manchester during 2008. In this instance the performance was recorded by taking a midi stream from the triggers and controls used during performance and rendering the files later through the audio visual sampler (using the VJamm software). In this way a digital record was made of the improvisation that could be shown (or installed) while retaining the concept and feel of a live performance and audio visual improvisation.

Video still from SUB

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