Saturday, 2 April 2016

Container - Video Installation

CONTAINER - video installation created for the LEVEL Centre, Derbyshire, UK. This installation is a part of a process to create a video wall for a touring performance entitled SENSE

Video is projected from a single projector with the images mapped onto a wall comprised of cardboard boxes. This creates a large 3D environment which can easily be transported to various venues. Images used for the installation relate to our senses  - providing a powerful visual key to the performance which does not follow a traditional narrative structure. 
The eyes and part of the face comprise video taken of performer Karla Jones (a member of the SENSE performance company) and are subject to real time effects which can be manipulated during the performance. In the example above a dot map has been applied to the image - turning it into a black and white image using lines. This can be keyed to take out the black or white - or blended with over video images to provide composites. The orginal colour can be faded back in or switched suddenly to provide a sudden change to the perceived 3D space.

The boxes provide many opportunities for video mapping - combining images and playing with physical space. I have used box walls many times over the past 20 yrs and never tire of the possibilities. Video walls comprising normal cardboard boxes were used for many Random Line productions and more recently for the Trajectory Installations. 
The SENSE performance is an unusual project - developing a narrative entirely using our senses rather than traditional forms of communication. The production uses no form of normal language, instead presenting information through touch, smell, sound, image and colour. SENSE will start touring in May 2016.

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