Friday, 24 October 2014


Just completed my first real installation as Artist in Residence at the LEVEL Centre. This multi media event formed a part of the large-scale environmental artwork, DERWENT PULSE created by Charles Monkhouse. This work comprises pulsing spheres flowing along the river Derwent from its source to the point it merges with the river Trent in Derby.

Image above: Light costumes worn by children to create an electric parade for PULSE.

The LEVEL Centre installation consisted of 12 screens - 4 synchronised to 5 pre programmed spheres. These were used in a short physical performance where five performers transported them through the building and into the river. The spheres were programmed to start with a blue LED light and slowly change to a red pulse every two seconds. Once they had changed to red, the TV screens began pulsing with them using a red screen and a very loud throbbing low audio pulse.

Image above: A CRT TV Screen used in the PULSE Installation

The Installation also included interactive elements including a sphere cube where parts of the motion within the space triggered video events on a three screen projection. See image below.

Members of the audience could also draw with light while accompanied by live music created by Geof Miles. The image below shows a light drawing taken during pulse. The images were captured in real-time and projected on a large-scale within the gallery space.  Image below: Andrea Leigh.

Image of Light Drawing Credit: Andrea Leigh.

 Two Image taken at the LEVEL Pulse event by photographer Carl Whitham.

Image from the Pulse Performance - 20/10/2014 - the Red Spheres leave the LEVEL Centre.

Image from the Pulse Performance - 20/10/2014.

Below: Image of the ELECRIC Parade by Dave White (30 children wearing pulsing costumes using LED lights - synchronised via a radio signal).

Image taken by Dave White. The Red Spheres leave LEVEL.

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